Property Investors

Owning A Home Is The Keystone Of Wealth –Both Financial Affluence and Emotional Security
– Suze Ormann.

The Australian housing market is one of the most lucrative in the world.
You may be looking to invest in a rental property or to expand your portfolio of properties. We can find you the best possible lending options and direct you to the best advice regarding tax saving methods such as negative gearing and depreciation of your assets.

The Investor Hub is a specialised and expert mortgage brokerage, which means that we can sift through thousands of loan offerings and ensure that you have the very best loan product for your financial needs. We can guide you through a range of products and based on the financial information you provide we will ensure that you have a mortgage product that not only meets your needs today, but can also take into account your future ambitions and objectives.

By having a well trained, highly educated and experienced team of mortgage experts we are perfectly positioned to give you the best mortgage advice. If you currently have a mortgage and are looking for ways to reduce the associated costs of that loan product we are able to give advice that could save you thousands of dollars. The Investor Hub has already helped hundreds of Australians save thousands of dollars.

The other key skill that we bring to the table is being able to structure your loans to suit YOU, not the bank. Most banks will package you up so that their own risk management objectives are met – but coupled with that is the lack of flexibility that you usually end up with. The Investor Hub specialises in helping investors with complex financial structures and multiple-property portfolios – and our focus is on ensuring maximum flexibility and lower risk outcomes for our clients.

If you are looking at entering the property investment market, refinancing or expanding your investment portfolio, or you would simply like to save money on your current loan products, let us help you make the best financial decision possible and call or email us at The Investor Hub.