Why Use A Mortgage Broker

How do you compare 30 lenders without one? A Broker has access to the latest lender products and rates from a wide range of lenders, saving you time and money, and finding the right lender and loan to suit your circumstances. If you go to one bank, you'll only get their policy, products and rates – which might not be the best fit for you, or the cheapest interest rate. If that doesn't work, you need to try again somewhere else.

A broker will do that legwork for you – and we get paid about the same no matter who your loan is placed with, so the focus is on your needs, not flogging you a loan.

A broker finds the best solution that suits your circumstances, not squeezes you into a box that fits a particular bank's products or policy. Your bank won't tell you if someone else has a better loan for you – because they only have their own loans to sell you! A broker will find you a better solution, and a better price, because they have access to a wide range of lenders right at their fingertips.

Over 50% of mortgage loans funded in Australia are now written through mortgage brokers, and that is testament to the professionalism and quality of Australian mortgage brokers, and recognising the value that a professional brings to the table to your advantage.

It pays to have the best advice from the start – you get that from a professionally qualified Credit Adviser, and you'll get that from The Investor Hub. Call or email us for professional advice from someone who is committed to YOUR success.